Atlis XT Electric Pickup | 2020


Atlis XT Electric Pickup

Atlis Motor Vehicles was born in founder Mark Hanchett’s garage, ignited by curiosity and personal motivation. Mark’s goal: take his energy-guzzling diesel pickup and transform it into an electric truck. Early on, it was just Mark, his truck and long hours spent in the solitude of his garage. His early efforts spurred him to think hard about what pickup truck owners truly wish for in an electric vehicle. He leveraged his engineering background and relied on colleagues who are experts in various fields—power tech, battery and so forth—to find out. Together, they sought to disrupt the status quo that is quickly taking over the electric vehicle market, and to discover just how far they can take it. The result: the XT Pickup Truck. It’s not just a better electric vehicle, it’s not just a better pickup, it’s the foundation for an entirely new approach to electric vehicles.

Source: Atlis Motor Vehicles – About Us