4WP Factory Xtreme RT Tires

Rock Brawler

4WP Factory Xtreme RT Tires fill the gap between all-terrain and mud tires and that’s not a bad thing. More aggressive than an all-terrain, but lighter than a mud terrain, the new tires offer the best of both worlds: ride comfort on the open road and rugged traction out on the trail.

A robust 3-ply sidewall provides maximum protection from off-road hazards while the off-set-shoulder blocks allow you to claw uneven terrain, open shoulder grooves. Mud ejectors evacuate debris, dirt and mud ensure extreme traction on the trail.

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The Xtreme RT is designed to perform on-road as well, the high ratio contact area maximizes contact providing exceptional grip and stability even while towing, the unique tread design provides a smooth ride on-road with 90% less road noise than the leading M/T Tire, making tire drone a thing of the past.

The all-new 4WP Factory Xtreme RT Tires provide uncompromising quality, progressive style, and direct-to-you value; with load ranges D, E, and F and diameters from 33 inch to 37 inch and they’re all backed with a fifty-thousand-mile factory warranty.

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