Driven Racing Oil; Putting The Motor Ahead Of The Molecule

More Grunt To The Quart

Driven Racing Oil products emerged as the result of a development effort fostered by Joe Gibbs Racing. DRO products are formulated specifically for race and high performance engines. This means that DRO products are unique since they put the “Motor ahead of the Molecule”. While other oil developers love chemistry, DRO products are created to keep things in proper balance. In this case, racing oils exist to support the motor, not the other way around.

The company’s development team looks at the motor, considers how it will be used; then designs specific products using a “zero compromise” approach. In the end of the day, this level of practical, not theoretically detail delivers measurable performance advantages on the track, or on the highway.

New GP-1 Proves The Point

DRO’s GP-1 synthetic blend high performance motor oils are formulated using Pennsylvania petroleum combined with a high zinc (ZDDP) content that has been engineered and tested to deliver increased horsepower and better engine wear protection under high load. Available in 20W-50, 15W-40, 10W-30, and 5W-20 viscosity for high performance engines, as well as a Nitro 70 Grade Race Oil and a Straight 30 viscosity Break-In oil. The perfect performance oil for competition cars, custom cars, hot rods, classic cars, imports, and racing applications.


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ABOUT Driven Racing Oil®

Driven Racing Oil offers the latest in advanced racing lubricants for professional racing, hot rod and serious street performance vehicles. Born from Joe Gibbs Racing, Driven Racing Oils utilize cutting edge lubricant technology and on-track research for maximum performance and durability.