Interview to Stephen Fontenot

from Texas, a keen enthusiast of extreme off-road ATV sport, who rode BKT tires and tested their qualities under extraordinarily tough conditions. Stephen has an Instagram profile @canamwhisperer, which has become a benchmark for all true fans.

BKT tires

Seregno (Italy), May 7, 2019 – When thinking of Off-Highway tires, the first thing that actually comes into our minds are specialized vehicles of big dimensions such as tractors or dumpers. Stephen Fontenot, a guy from Texas who loves off-road ATV sport, shows us how Off-Highway tires not only suit for heavy operations but that they can also become a source of fun and new adventures. With his ATVs in a futuristic design equipped with BKT tires, Stephen reveals us the secrets of off-road vehicles.

BKT tires
Stephen approached BKT tires one year ago, whilst his passion for off-road sports and vehicles started in childhood:

“It all began when I was a child. My uncle always took me to off-road races, and I have really gone mad for them, since I was a little boy.”

Nonetheless, just while Stephen was growing up also this sport gained popularity:

“My passion and enthusiasm have flourished over the time just as concurrently this sport has been able to captivate an increasing number of fans. Nowadays, there is a growing number of products available on the market – just like the BKT tires – and they are becoming always more specific and more technological. This shows how this sport is booming,” Stephen says.

BKT tires

When asked why he prefers BKT tires to those of a different manufacturer, Stephen comes up with several reasons:

“The main advantage of my BKT tires is their versatility: They are soft on the hardest surfaces. Yet, their compound mix is quite soft allowing a comfortable ride, on the other hand it is hard enough to offer best grip on an even terrain. These tires provide great traction on any kind of surface. They are extraordinarily resistant against wear, have a nice design with deep grooves enabling easy cleaning even from sticky mud. I would recommend them for all of these reasons. If you are looking for a really versatile tire, then you must go for BKT.” 


BKT tires
In particular, Stephen Fontenot uses AT 171, a tire providing excellent traction on wet and muddy, or sandy terrains. Its outstanding resistance and robustness make it the ideal product for all ATV challenges.

Stephen’s passion for off-road sports has not remained unnoticed. On his Instagram profile @canamwhisperer, Fontenot tells his followers about his challenges. From Stephen, the extreme off-road fan community can actually expect extreme trials under toughest conditions on vehicles that are blocked in the mud.

“My Instagram account started to become more popular about a year ago when I created my new ATV vehicle, Can-Am Maverick X3 XDS. I didn’t imagine that I would have received so much support from Instagram users. It was a nice surprise that stimulated my passion even more. My followers are part of a very manifold community. I would say, most of them follow off-road life. But I also receive messages from people who try to approach this world by asking questions and advice, and by comments. I try to be very honest with all those to whom I tell my experiences, whether they are positive or negative. I think this is very important when you try to gain respect and find out that people appreciate your opinion,” 

Stephen states reflecting upon his social media success.

Attention rarely arrives without new opportunities, and this goes also for Stephen:

“Notoriety has given to me and my family the once-in-a-life opportunity to participate at Monster Jam in Houston; we had a pass for the pit party and top seats thanks to BKT tires that have created great family memories,”

Finally, when we asked him about his future objectives for Instagram, Stephen told us exactly what he wanted to do:

“My goals on Instagram are simple: to continue and to promote the off-road life and the products that allow me to have the best performance, to give advice and share my photos – right as a demonstration. As to the practical side, I believe that in the end I will build also an ATV vehicle for my wife.”

BKT is a fan of adventurers like Stephen Fontenot – always on the side where the challenge is!

Stephen Fontenot’s Instagram profile can be viewed at: https://www.instagram.com/canamwhisperer/