Fabtech 3″ Trail System Equips Jeep JL

The Trails Best Beware of the 2018 Jeep JL!

This short arm style system replaces all four lower link arms due to their vulnerability to offroad obstacles during offroad use. The heavy-duty Links Arms have factory parallel joint angles to reduce bushing wear.
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Constructed of 1.75” OD. .250″ thick wall tubing and they are guaranteed not to bend. Fabtech’s 5 Ton joints® are included and come with a lifetime warranty against wearing out.

Fabtech 3" Trail System

Dual Rate long travel coil springs and front lower shock mounts to allow for maximum offroad articulation and travel. A Draglink Flip system provides steering geometry correction with the new ride height.

Fabtech 3″ Trail System

Front and rear weld on 1/4″ thick steel Track Bar brackets are of the strongest design and properly maintain the roll center of the vehicle with the increased ride height.

Each Fabtech component has been designed with specific features and benefits that create this quality suspension system. This is an excellent system for rocks, trail and overland expedition use.