Flashback To The 2006 Jeep Commander

REVIEW: How does the 2019 Jeep compare?

For Jeep fans who need the extra room, the Commander offers space not available in any Jeep since the Wagoneer was retired a generation ago.
Let’s take a look at the 2006 Jeep Commander, the focus of this review.


With existing models able to carry only five passengers or less, the Commander meets the demand for a larger model.
Jeep gives owners the option of owning a traditional rear-wheel-drive Commander or 4×4 models.

Base price for the entry-level Commander starts at just over $28,000 while the fully loaded Commander Limited retails at just under forty thousand.
I am, however, holding my breath as Jeep prepares to introduce its first non-trail rated model [sacrilege] next year; in the meantime, the Commander carries on the Jeep tradition with much distinction and aplomb.2006 Jeep commander