Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit Insulates Your Vehicle Above

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Making your car or truck interior cooler and quieter isn’t accomplished just from the bottom. Insulate against heat and noise from the top with Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit.

Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit

While a large amount of heat comes from underneath a car or truck generated by the exhaust system and drivetrain, heat coming from the roof also has an effect on interior temperatures. Additionally, it can contribute to increased unwanted interior noise. db Headliner Kit has everything you need to quiet and cool things down from above in your interior.

db Headliner Kit is two products in one kit. Part one is Heatshield Products db Skin liquid sound damping material, easily applied to the roof structure/metal with brush, roller or low-pressure spray gun. It dampens structural vibrations over a wide frequency range (10 to 40 KHz) to significantly reduce noise.

Part two takes care of the heat side of things with Stealth Shield thermal barrier material. At only 1/8-inch thick, it easily installs between the factory headliner and roof. This Heatshield Products felt-like material handles up to 1,800 degrees F of constant heat, is fire resistant and blocks heat from coming through your roof into the vehicle’s interior.

Once db Headliners kit is installed, you’ll notice a quieter and cooler interior, especially after your vehicle sits in the sun for any amount of time.

Heatshield Products has engineered and manufactured heat-barrier products for nearly 40 years, serving the performance and racing industry with the highest quality products at competitive prices. The company is family owned and operated, and proudly makes its products in the USA.


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