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“We Exist for the 4Runner enthusiast. To connect, to inspire and to build an adventure based community of 4Runner drivers.” – TEAM4RUNNER



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Interview Transcript

“hey guys I’m Isaac founder of team
foreigner and the team for Instagram
page you can also find our most recent
build my rose most recent build the
daily driver team for our pearl on
Instagram first vehicle I own it was a
1997 white limited toyota 4runner that I
bought for seventeen hundred bucks
the seats were ripped to pieces from a
dog in the previous owner and fixed it
all up Joe for a year and then sold it
moved on to something else probably when
I was a kid but we didn’t call it over
landing then you know but it be my dad
and I driving to Colorado up in the
mountains for wheeling for a weekend or
sometimes an entire week but the first
overland trip you know kind of when that
became a thing I was driving a third gen
foreigner at the time this was a few
years ago and I took a trip from Sioux
Falls and went through Rapid City in the
Black Hills in Salt Lake City and the
mountains in Utah and kind of wrapped
through Colorado and went up into Moab
with my 4runner and actually ended on
the weekend that it was Easter Jeep
Safari so I was kind of alone
the lone dog the lone Twitter and all
the Jeeps
so it’s a pretty a memorable overland
trip for my first one so that was that
was probably the moment but probably
before then you know I kind of had 400
tacoma’s my whole life old ones would
kind of fix him up sell them kind of
move on kind of do that and yeah
probably around that same time three
four years ago I realized you know this
is this is a real deal I’d like to
continue doing this rest of my life and
and actually make it into something make
it a big part of my life so yeah
probably at three four years ago period
the answer kind of goes back but because
I drove a forerunner it was kind of
funny you know it was it was a kind of
end of high school began in college you
know this is several years ago now but I
would post pictures of my trucks on my
own Instagram page and my friends would
be like do it they’re posting pictures
of your trucks non-stop something okay
I’ll start another page where I can just
post pictures in my car and that was
team foreigner and and it kind of
evolved over time into what it is now
and and it’s it’s evolved multiple times
but that was that was the biggest reason
just kind of the passion buying the
Twitter brand and with my trucks and 400
and and really wanted to do this after
college so yeah it would be right when I
got my 2016 4 runner and I put a lift a
suspension lift on it and put bigger
tires and was starting to outfit it and
took a trip to Colorado you know this is
probably quite 2 years ago and I kind of
heard a timbren axle suspension I’ve
heard some other from other other stuff
and I was like you know I think it’s
time to probably upgrade these puny
little bump stops that comes on he’s
brand new $40,000 trucks and so that’s
when I started doing some research and
started you know digging a little deeper
into it and finally got my first set up
front and rear bumpers on my truck and
got home and through the truck on the
hoist and install them and ever since
then put them on everything
growing up I would pull trailers I
didn’t like some lawn service in high
school so I’d like a little utility
trailer and still have one but you know
of course it’s the old-school axle it’s
super loud and clanky and it’s just kind
of a mess the first time I pulled one
was again probably about two years ago
and probably one of my first impressions
was a sink handle as well next
impression was there’s Lily zero sound
like it’s whisper quiet going down the
interstate and then obviously going
offroad it’s a it’s a game changer I
mean it just doesn’t get hung up on
anything so I mean yeah
my first experience pulling it is that
pretty much the first couple weeks was
you know getting it all installed and
and taking it up in the mountains and
like this is legit this is what
everybody’s saying it is it’s a real
deal”– Isaac, Founder of TEAM4RUNNER



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