2018 Jeep JL Dual Split Rear

Gibson Performance Exhaust for Jeep

Gibson Performance has dedicated their company’s resources to the Jeep, amongst other reputable automotive companies. Watch this highlight of the Gibson’s latest addition to the Jeep JL line!

When you’re scrambling up a trail and crawling over a ledge, you need all of your Jeep’s power in the low RPM range. This makes the difference between powering over your obstacle or finding something to attach your winch to. Gibson Exhaust designed their Jeep exhaust system to enhance low and mid range power and performance for climbing and towing while providing minimal interior noise levels. Looking for more style and sound?

-Source: Gibson Performance

Part Number

PN: 617307 Stainless
PN: 317307-B Black Elite
Pn: 60-0038 Metal Mulisha

Jeep Jl Dual Split Rear by Gibson Performance


Gibson Performance is the industry’s #1 leading manufacturer of street-legal, high-performance exhaust systems for trucks, SUV’s, diesel, and offroad. Every Gibson product is designed for hassle free, bolt-on installation with professional looking results. Applications are available in aluminized or stainless steel and remarkably engineered to ignite the maximum performance of the engine. Gibson Performance exhaust systems exceed the performance advantages of all other systems on the market today. We are the industry’s most cost-effective, reliable, and trouble-free power producing exhaust system! At Gibson Performance, we believe customer service is a top priority

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