Mercedes Unimog Goes Above and Beyond

Unimog U 5023 set the world altitude record at 6694 meters

Two Mercedes Unimog U 5023 Trucks claimed the world’s highest altitude record during an expedition to install emergency radio units in high-altitude camps.

The pair of Unimog trucks ventured 21961 feet up the Ojos de Salado volcano in Chile, beating the previous record by only 20 ft. The climb was made possible by the truck’s massive tires, multiple winches and a variable center of gravity system that is unique to the Unimog.

“(The Trucks) mastered the extremely steep and rocky passages thanks to a combination of the best, reliable technology, a balanced center of gravity and amazing tire technology to bring the materials and equipment to these enormous heights. At no point in time around the world have motorized altitude expeditions taken two trucks simultaneously to such an altitude.” – Matthias Jeschke, Expedition Leader.

Video Description Translated:

The preparation took a year and a half – then in mid-November a ten-person expedition team from EXTREM EVENTS – eight men and two women under the direction of Matthias Jeschke – started to Chile and the Atacama Desert, around the volcanic mountain Ojos del Salado to install a system of four emergency radio units in the high camps of the mountain. They each consist of a radio, powerful battery, solar power system, radio directional antenna and an outdoor mast with a signal lamp. In an emergency, each of the four units can later establish a radio link to the three other base camps of the Ojos del Salado. This system is intended to significantly improve safety for both mountaineers and scientists from the University of Atacama, who are exploring the volcano and the glacier system of the mountain.

mercedes unimog u 5023 set world altitude record at 6694 meters