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“Our new 701 wheel is the debut wheel in our new ‘Trail Series’ with fitments aimed at more of the overland/expedition crowd. What makes the Trail Series better is the introduction of our patent-pending Bead Grip® technology. With strategic grooves on both the inner and outer bead seat, the Bead Grip® physically engages with the bead of the tire once mounted. In conjunction with the grooves, the inner and outer safety hump has a more aggressive profile further stabilizing the tire bead when running lower tire pressures. The goal of Bead Grip® technology is to bridge the gap between a conventional one-piece wheel and a full-on bead-lock. While you won’t be safely airing down to single digit pressures with a once piece wheel, you’ll be able to reliably run pressures in the 15psi +/- range. ” – Method Race Wheels



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ABOUT Method Race Wheels®

Method Race Wheels designs, develops and distributes high performance wheels and accessories for race and street applications. These products represent our commitment to quality, driven by the high standards of performance.

As racing enthusiasts and participants, we are driven to look beyond conventional ideas of industry standards. Engineering, rigorous testing, data collection and proven performance redefines what is possible in the creation of our wheels and accessories. The application of our race knowledge separates us from other wheel companies.

Method Race Wheels is committed to bring you the finest quality products with the most complete line-up of off road race wheels for trucks, buggies, rock crawlers, short course, rally, and UTV's, as well as street wheels for truck, Jeep, and SUV applications. We pride ourselves on providing these products to our customers with fast and friendly service that you can count on.