Nitto Tire Defines All-Terrain

The Terra Grappler G2

The Terra Grappler G2 is Nitto’s next generation all-terrain light truck tire specifically designed to meet your every day on and off-road adventures. Whether you’re commuting to work, towing a trailer or headed up to your favorite mountain trail; the balanced off-road and on-road performance of the Terra Grappler G2 will get you to your destination.
Terra Grapplers by Nitto

Terra Grappler G2 Features

Treadwear Warranty
Terra Grappler G2 features a brand new compound new to Nitto’s Grappler line of products. Through the introduction of new materials, Nitto was able to maintain the versatile all-terrain compound while increasing the longevity of the treadwear. For the first time, Nitto is backing an all-terrain product with a limited treadwear warranty which covers 50,000 miles for LT-metric and floatation sizes, and 65,000 miles for hard metric sizes.

Nitto Wins Big

Coupling Joints
Nitto decided to reinforce the coupling joints in the Terra Grappler G2, which connects the outer most tread blocks to the center blocks, to increase the block edge rigidity.

Full Depth Sipes
Terra Grappler G2 is equipped with full depth siping. Not only do the full depth sipes offer a functional benefit, it helps maintain the appearance of the tread design as the tire wears.

Shoulder Lugs
The staggered shoulder lugs on the Terra Grappler G2 provide additional biting edges in off-road conditions. Furthermore, the new sidewall designs connect the sidewall lugs starting from the shoulder block down to the middle of the sidewall surface.

Nitto 65th Jeepers & 39th Jeep Jamboree on Rubicon Trail

Dual Sidewall Designs
The Terra Grappler G2 features two distinct and bold sidewall designs. One side features an homage to the original Terra Grappler design by incorporating a similar thunderbolt pattern which has been raised to give it a more aggressive look than its predecessor. The other side features a brand new aggressive “blade” design which features integrated sidewall lugs that run all the way from the shoulder tread block down to the sidewall.

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