Rotary Power Develops Motor for All-terrain Vehicle

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Five years ago, Agile spotted a gap in the market for an industrial-grade, hydrostatic vehicle that could operate on any terrain whilst maintaining maneuverability, speed, robustness, value for money and a heavy load capacity. Previous multi-terrain vehicles have been notoriously expensive and have issues with durability. Other vehicles, such as tractors, have a tendency to struggle on more challenging terrains due to their mechanized drive system.

rotary power

Keen to work with British suppliers, Agile contacted North East based hydraulic motor manufacturer, Rotary Power. The challenge was to develop a hydraulic motor that could power each wheel independently, whilst driving additional wheels using an internal chain drive system. This would provide the vehicle with a compact, powerful drive system with an ultra-low centre of gravity.

The solution: a bespoke motor with a unique through shaft that allows the motors to be attached to the vehicle’s chain drive system, as well as the wheel hub. The motor’s two-speed feature allows the vehicle to reach speeds of 40 km/h, whilst providing 4000Nm of torque and an impressive 96% efficiency level.

Stuart Sowray, Chief Designer at Agile, said: “As a start-up, we were working to a really tight budget so it was important to get the design right first time. Laura, one of the Design Engineers at #rotarypower, took a lead on the detailed design work for the motors, which was particularly impressive since this was her first major engineering project. She has been fantastic, she’s really thrown herself into the challenge and it’s been brilliant to watch her develop as an engineer.

The resulting eight wheeled vehicle provides an unparalleled solution that combines a fully sealed water-tight body with a 1.8 meter wide, three-way tippable load bed and two tonne capacity. The vehicle’s ultra-low ground pressure means it can function on any terrain without causing damage. The underlying hydraulic base can be reconfigured for a variety of applications including firefighting, agriculture, recreation, sport and forestry.