SEMA Showcase: Bilstein Shock Absorbers

New Applications For Toyota 4Runner & Jeep JT/JL

During the 2019 SEMA Show, Bilstein Shocks unveiled their 8100 Series for the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner. The 8100 Series has a front coil-over with position-sensitive technology called “Zone Control.” The rear shock is a two-tube external bypass, also position-sensitive, that you can adjust for varying loads.

2019 SEMA Interview With Shane Casad of Bilstein Shocks


Bilstein 8100 Series with Zone Control

The 8100 Series Shock is perfect for Overland enthusiasts because of it’s incredible adjustability.


Bilstein representative, Shane Casad, talks about applications for Jeep in this video as well stating-

“For Jeeps, we have something slightly different in terms of setup. The Jeep has a separate coil and shock, so it has the 8100 bypasses at all four corners. Again, those are double adjustable – one rebound, one compression. The adjustability is roughly 100-percent from open to closed. That’s a massive adjustment! It’s not just a minor thing that you might feel, or might not. It’s a huge advantage for users to be able to fine-tune. You can make it extremely soft or extremely stiff.”

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