Summit Racing: Jeep Mevotech TTX Ball Joints

Big Ballin’

Stop wasting time and money replacing your Jeep’s worn-out ball joints with cheap parts store replacements. Instead, opt for a set of Mevotech TTX Ball Joints. These extended service life ball joints are guaranteed to work as hard and long as your Jeep does.

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Mevotech TTX ball joints use patented, greasable sintered metal joints and bearings with REPEL-TEK anti-corrosion coating for more endurance and durability than OEM-style joints with plastic bearings ever dreamed of. Mevotech also adds extra material in critical areas to reduce flex and minimize loading to further extend joint life. High strength locking boots are another TTX Ball Joint exclusive. Their patented design mechanically locks the boot to the joint to keep the pre-filled, high-grade grease in and contaminants out to further guard against corrosion.

Mevotech put a lot of thought into making the installation process faster and easier for you, too. That’s why inside every TTX Ball Joint box you’ll find an install adapter that makes pressing-in the joints a trouble-free affair, as well as the Bootstaller tool, which makes fitting the locking boots easy-peasy. Rounding out the TTX Ball Joints impressive list of features is coated grade 12 and 12.9 mounting hardware, easy snap cotter pins, and pre-applied Nylok thread adhesive on the bolts and castle nut threads for optimal fastener retention.

Mevotech TTX Ball Joints are available for 1972-2020 Jeep vehicles with Dana 30, Dana 44, Ford-style Dana 60/Super 60, or C200F/C200E front axles. They are sold individually.


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