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Vex Appeal

Are you vexed and bothered by stubborn oxygen sensors, riveting panels, or cleaning up spills in the shop? Relax—these new products available at Summit Racing are designed just for these tasks.

Milton Shockit Socket Oxygen Sensor Removal Kit

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Oxygen sensors are well-known for being uncooperative when it’s time to replace them. If you run into one that an ordinary ratchet or wrench can’t remove, get a Milton Shockit Socket Oxygen Sensor Removal Kit. Designed for use with an air hammer, the Shockit socket transmits the vibration to the sensor for easy removal without galling the threads and ruining the sensor or the mounting bung. The sockets have a dual-ear design that allows them to rotate 90 degrees without repositioning—a plus in the tight spaces most oxygen sensors are located.

The Shockit kit includes:

• 22mm low-profile socket
• 24mm deep socket for recessed sensors like those found on Ford, Lexus, and Toyota vehicles
• 11″ long, self-centering angled punch for difficult to access sensors
• 18mm dual-sided thread chaser for oxygen sensor and mounting bung

Performance Tool Rivet Gun Drill Adapter Kit

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Using a manual rivet gun can be a hand-cramping experience, especially if you are popping a bunch of them into a panel. The Performance Tool Rivet Gun Drill Adapter Kit solves that problem by converting your corded or cordless drill into a power rivet gun. The adapter has an alloy steel nose and gearing to handle aluminum or stainless steel rivets. The oversized nylon-reinforced ABS adapter body makes the tool easy to use.

The Performance Tool Rivet Gun Drill Adapter Kit comes with 3/32-inch (2.4mm), 1/8-inch, (3.2mm), 5/32-inch (4.0mm), and 3/16-inch (4.8mm) rivets.

New Pig Absorbent Mats

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New Pig absorbent mats and other products have been soaking up spills, leaks, and other messes in industrial settings for almost 40 years. Now you can get that industrial-quality power for your home shop with New Pig Absorbent Mats.

The Absorbent Mats are made from multiple layers of thermally bonded polypropylene that won’t rip, tear, or fray even when saturated with oil, grease, coolant, solvent, or most other liquids. The mats have a dimple pattern to quickly absorb liquid for faster, easier cleanup, and the highly absorbent fibers won’t leave liquids or residue behind. The mats can even be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or contamination.

New Pig Absorbent Mats are available in pads, rolls, or convenient dispenser boxes and are available in five- or 15-count sheets, 100-count dispenser box, or a 30-inch by 150-inch roll.


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