The Toyota Total-Care Service

Designed For Ride-Hailing Companies

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces today the Toyota Total-care Service is a pioneering set of mobility services specially designed for ride-hailing companies. Working with ride-hailing companies, Total-care #service will enable #Toyota to leverage onboard telematics data through a shared information platform and provide services such as fleet management, #automotive insurance, and vehicle maintenance packages, aiming to expand the use of ride-hailing vehicles and enhance the driving experience for end users. Through this Total-care #service, ride-hailing companies can provide their driver-partners with more cost-efficient and timely maintenance services.

Toyota Total-Care Service
  • A pioneering set of mobility services designed for ride-hailing companies
  • Aims to achieve ultra-efficient vehicle maintenance using telematics data and Toyota’s philosophy of eliminating inefficiencies

Source: Toyota develops “Total-care Service” Designed for Ride-hailing Companies

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