Mogollon Rim to Cinders to Jacob Lake

Part 4 of Ultimate Adventure 2017: We awoke on Day Five to a stunning panoramic view from our campsite high atop the Mogollon Rim.

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With all of Arizona laid out below us, we drank in the scenery before mounting our 4x4s and heading for Flagstaff, Arizona, to wheel one of the coolest natural features in the area.

The Cinders area is just what the name implies: huge mounds of volcanic cinder, or less specifically, volcanic lava pebbles.

Volcanic offroading

With huge, towering mountains of cinders several hundred feet high and sprawling over a wide area, the group was turned loose to explore and hammer down on the throttle.

Volcanic offroading

Making sure to stay well clear of any vegetation, pretty much any line is allowed here so the rigs with more horsepower put on a really good show. And those that didn’t have the power to spare put it in Low Range and did their best to putt up the steep slopes.

Volcanic offroading

With some fun under our belt, we hit the road because we still had over six hours to get to our campsite at Jacob Lake. On Day Six we awoke at the 8,000-foot campsite and hustled over to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for a Griswold view of the rim and then aired down for 180 miles of dirt adventure driving, including a visit to the Grand Canyon at its most remote location accessible by motor vehicle. After that, it was more dirt into the night.

Volcanic offroading