Axle-Less Trailer Suspension


Get your hands on the ASR1200S02 and as Timbren says, “remove the axle, remove the restrictions”. This Axle-less Trailer suspension kit by Timbren includes a straight spindle and sports a 1200lb weight capacity on both sides for trailers equipped with highway tires. Thanks to a uniquely designed rubber spring as well as a smaller rebound spring, You won’t have to worry about suspension rattling or trailer bounce because tension is always present whether you are loaded or unloaded. Worried about the health of your suspension when hauling off-road? These kits eliminate the possibility of suspension damage due to rough terrain and are the perfect solution for trailers looking to haul with confidence.

What does this mean?

The Timbren Axle-Less Trailer kits will replace your current axle setup with a quiet, more smooth overall ride quality. Each kit will fit any frame width and will bolt directly to the frame of your trailer by the use of preset holes located within the hanger. This will eliminate the need for welding and can adapt to all “hub face to hub face” measurements.

Kit Components & Features
  • Easily Removable Straight Spindle
  • Pre-Fit Bearings, Races, and Seals
  • Single Wheel Configuration
  • 1200 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Designed for Trailers with Off-Road Tires
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • Includes Additional Mounting Hardware for Proper Installation

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    ABOUT Timbren Industries®

    Timbren Industries began with the premise that suspensions could and should work better.  In 1968 Timbren introduced Aeon rubber springs and started manufacturing the Suspension Enhancement System suspension upgrade kits.

    Timbren has demonstrated leadership in the development of rubber spring technology. After many years of continuous experimentation and innovation, the dedicated people at Timbren have gained, through practical experience, a thorough understanding of the dynamic characteristics and properties of rubber.