Taiga: Orca, Snowmobile Fleet Pre-Orders Hit Century Mark

Eye of the Taiga

Taiga Motors Corporation says that it’s reached 110 fleet pre-orders worldwide between its Orca watercraft and snowmobiles. This milestone achievement marks a nearly 100% increase in fleet orders over the past few months and underscores a growing demand for fleet electrification from Taiga’s high-performance and sustainable products.

taiga motors corporation

Taiga’s fleet pre-orders have been placed by customers across Canada, the United States and Europe, representing a growing global demand for fleet electrification. Orca fleet customers include the Riviera Boat Club in Cannes, France, which will be adding the Orca to its available rental watercrafts, and SD Adventures in San Diego, California, a tour operator working with various resorts in the area.

Taiga’s fleet capabilities provide a sustainable solution for customers whose vehicles are crucial to their business. Commercial operators benefit from Taiga’s advanced software, remote connectivity, and reduced ownership costs in addition to reducing their carbon footprint.

Many of Taiga’s snowmobile fleet customers have come from ski resorts seeking to electrify their existing fleets as part of their commitment to sustainable business practices and the environment. Taiga management estimates that the replacement of 50 snowmobiles at a ski resort would have the equivalent air quality impact of the removal of 2,000 cars from circulation for one year, provided batteries are charged using renewable or other decarbonized sources of energy.2

Notable snowmobile fleet customers include Winter Park Resort, Colorado’s longest continually operated ski resort; Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, the only Certified B Corp ski resort in North America; and More Activities in Sälen, Sweden, which provides a variety of recreational outdoor activities across Sweden.

This milestone comes on the heels of Taiga’s recent ‘Ride the Current’ tour, showcasing the Company’s dual-focused approach to success with both consumer and business to business (B2B) customers. Find out more on their electric snowmobiles and watercraft here.